Users' IT prize contest

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Aake Walldius
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In the markets for workplace software and services, the experiences and demands of end-user do not receive much attention in the press, although it is their needs all stakeholdes tend to see themselves as representatives for.


Popular movements that work systematically on many levels to strengthen members
in their role as customers and end-users of IT tools and services.


The Golden Link,, given to agencies in the public sector to promote better services and a more engaged democratic involvment from the citizens
UsersAward's IT Prize Contest,

The yearly Users' IT prize contest is the most public and visible activity organised within the Users' IT quality network . To this event, students, employees, and citizens can nominate their favourite IT service in order to attract attention to its outstanding qualities. Panels of users from the involved communities help arrange the contest, document the nominees, and raise resources for the event. A jury of respected experts from the user communities selects this years winner who is presented, along with all the other finalists, at the well publicized finals.


Initiate, or take part in the already ongoing work with IT Prize contests in your own community. If a Users' IT quality center does not exist, work to form one. If it does, help to spread the word about the Prize, take part in reviewing the nominations and organising the final event where the nominees are presented.

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