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Giuliana Conforto

I would like to promote my books, in particular the latest one, Organic Universe, where I reproprose the ancient idea that we are part of One Organic Universe that makes human immortality evident..


ORGANIC UNIVERSE (Summary) - The entire visible universe is an electromagnetic illusion. Scientists have recently learned that they don't observe 95% of the universal mass. This huge percentage includes the Earth's mantle, inner core, magnetosphere and also our human brain hemispheres. Scientists don't even know the causes which are now provoking Earth's changes and the paradigm shift many people live...

The world we see is just a matrix, a 4D image, transmitted by electromagnetic light. There is another LIGHT, all sages and poets have sung praises to, as scientists have discovered and... forgotten. It is Cosmic Life, the Force or Genetic Message, which gives life to the Eternal Organic Universe, which involves many possible matrices, each having its proper time. The Force is not science fiction; it is what physicists call "Electroweak", our human eyes cannot see, but our bodies can feel, as love, eros, emotions...

What we call "human history" is just a Season or phase, cosmic Winter, which has lasted 13 thousand years and is now going to finish. Cosmic Spring is going to blossom and allows us to bodily go "where" or rather "when" human thought has rarely dared to imagine (Bruno's)... We are going back to the future...

The Force implies consciousness that a new world is not only possible, but it already exists. Infinite universes do actually exist. Man's true history is a sum of stories, different probable pasts and futures; it is much longer and more complex than the short human history we all learn at school. It is actually a quantum story, which also involves people coming from other planets and stars, besides the two main species, Humans and Reptilians, which have played the roles of protagonists in this planetary school, for millennia. The former represents the light, emotional side and the latter the dark rational one. They are both necessary to each other.

Cosmic Life has designed the planetary school, that is also a genetic laboratory, to make each of us evolve. The goal is the "New Adam" that is "son of man, cunning like a snake and innocent like a dove" (quoted from the Gospels). And the "New Adam" is a new human species, which is self-conscious and joins Reptilians' professional abilities and Humans' emotional, creative ones.

The quantum story has also involved true "aliens" or rather "alienated" people, who have lost their own contact with Life... "They" possess the media and seem to rule the planet ... Yet "they" no longer have any real existence, at present, mainly if we, humans, don't pay attention to "them".

We humans have a cosmic gift: we bring into reality what we believe in... Freedom is believing in ourselves, listening to our inner resource, that is the weak force, our soul's intelligent message. Earth's magnetosphere, a very large electromagnetic bubble which has covered Earth's surface, has also hidden Earth's pregnancy: the living and extraordinary inner Earth, the Promised Land, which already exists and has always existed... The womb, that is our magnetosphere, is going to vanish; it is the end of times or rather matrices and the beginning of eternity.

The revelation of cosmic Life implies an Organic Revolution on Earth's surface, a pacific and radical paradigm shift that is mainly based on humans' genetic evolution. And the "secret" is cosmic Love, the force psycists call "weak neutral current ", or heavy Light. This is the true cosmic "fuel" that allows us, humans, to make journeys in time. Evolving we can so learn that no enemy actually exists. Enemies are only our human fears to be free.

By activating our inner senses, we can see the inner Earth and all the cosmic brothers who are looking after us and are smiling...

Its English version will be probably ready at June, 2004


Many people around the world are interested in the themes I speak about, but official media usually avoid diffusing them


A new kind of communication that includes affinities, intelligence, flexibility cooperation and, mainly, friendship and respect

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