Neighborhood (Village) Walks

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Kenneth Gillgren
Gillgren Communication Services, Inc.

The development of solutions for complex problems requires the ability to view issues and potential opportunities from a variety of perspectives. What is the actual need? What is the heart of the problem? Where is the solution already emerging? How is the situation experienced "on the ground?" Keeping in touch, continually approaching the situation as an ongoing exploration, ready for surprises or challenging encounters, as free of assumptions or presuppositions as possible.


Neighborhood, village, community development, although also somewhat applicable to organizational growth and evolution


Walking the beat, canvassing, political or issue campaigns participate in this dynamic, but do not capture the full value of simply covering the turf on foot, largely without explicit agenda, but open to observations and encounters.


At the beginning, and periodically throughout the course of a substantial collaborative effort, take opportunities to walk through the neighborhood or village, if possible, covering the entire geography over time, to listen, see, smell, and touch at first hand the flavor, texture, spirit, and perspective of residents.

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