How Can Visa students Have a Voice?

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Kwasi Boakye-Akyeampong
CPSR Africa
Henry Adjei

International students, especially those from developing countries travel to advanced countries for further studies. More often than not it is their first travel experience outside of their home countries and they do not have the faintest idea how the system operates in developed countries.


To a web forum for international students to interact and share experiences so that they can enjoy their experience while studying abroad.

We believe that international students make a contribution to their host countries and should therefore be given the opportunity to enjoy their period of study. They should be given the opportunity to engage with their community and its members and to learn from their experiences so that they can affect their home communities/ countries upon return.


A web community should be created to bring together international students. Issues and policies affecting them will be discussed and channels will be created for them to engage with policy makers.

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