Integrative Negotiation

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Stewart Dutfield
Marist College

It is inevitable that people and groups will have conflicting interests. A transactional view of negotiation beteen these interests--you give me this & I'll give you that in return--perpetuates the status quo and often leads to everyone feeling that they have lost more than they have gained.


Wherever people have conflicting interests--within a group or organization, or in a conversation with other groups.


This is really a placeholder for a belated pattern that I have promised Doug. I'm especially interested in comments as to how it links to the "Negotiation for Peace" and other related patterns.

Conflict is inevitable, but if it is properly handled it can lead to transformative conversations that form the backbone of an open democracy. (Mary Parker Follett)

New opportunities (Braudel)?

Relationship to the Public Sphere...


Fisher & Ury--BATNA etc.

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