Always Map Money

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R Y Shah
The Galatic Institute of Root Journalism

Professional journalism makes it a point that journalists know and find the four Ws and one H to every story: the who, what, where, when, and how. However another common reporting axiom that is often ignored is to “follow the money.” Which, when applied, casts a far more illuminating perspective on a story, especially in terms of the question “why?”


Amidst the backdrop of a confusing dissemination of news brought to us by a sporadic media with an arsenal of experts and pundits ready to spin whatever facts there are (and some


When we find out whose funding what, who pays who, things become incredibly clear. In a capitalist society, charting the flow of money helps us determine people’s and organization’s motives. For some reason, money is not discussed on many major news channels, leading people to make unsubstantiated theories about the actions of such powerful interests instead.
The more reporters track money, the more readers can truly understand what is happening from an objective standpoint. The flow of money is a fact. It can be analyzed, but doesn’t need to be. It’s pretty apparent that people/organizations endorse causes that further their own interests. The flow of money is indisputable in a capitalist society, for money often dictates what will happen and how soon it will happen. It doesn’t need spin or “analysis” by any self-declared experts or pundits disputing its meaning. Money is clear. So let’s follow it.


When reporters take the extra time to research the financial relationships between different parties, a far more insightful viewpoint begins to emerge. People’s decisions are often influenced by whom or what is funding them. Understanding where the money is coming from helps readers better understand the current state of affairs, perhaps more than certain parties would like.

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