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R Y Shah
The Galatic Institute of Root Journalism

The shift from newsprint to the net is a rocky one. This needn’t be the case. A website should work in tandem to the publication for the sake of extending, expanding, debating and verifying the subject matter. In the words of every self-help book on the market: what is seen as an obstacle should really be viewed as an opportunity.


The internet is seen as the doom bringer to established news. It shouldn


A website in conjunction to a newspaper should be a place where the public may have free discourse about what they just read. In fact, a website should be dedicated more to the public, and its response, similar to how the paper is dedicated to the journalists and their writing.
A site should have a place for the news audience to debate what they read and contribute their own thoughts as well as other material from other sources (as long as it is properly cited). It should encourage active and thorough analysis by all members of the public.
There is incredible potential in structuring a site so that it enables people to learn and discuss their ideas about a particular subject.
The site should welcome new ideas for how to present news, seeing as it has more space and less overhead than its print counterpart. Innovative graphic design should abound with the main objective to present complex issues as clearly and simply as possible (see Cognizant Design.)
The site should provide source information and links to other related information from other sources not specified in the print articles. (See Show and Explain Sources.) In addition, a news site may be the perfect place to post a clear tutorial on how to analyze relevant data used in the news (see Show and Explain Data) as well as the data itself.


The potential for enabling a reader’s understanding about a particular issue as well as connecting a community around the issues discussed in the news is still to be explored. Only through a bold and fearless approach to the web can established journalism hope to succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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