Drug Court/Awareness and Responsibilities

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What we dont see will hurt

Being a volunteer with the Drug Court, collegues and I believe that the program may be closed due to upcoming budget cuts. Without the support of our community,the program could be lost.


It would be a great loss to our to cut this pubic program. Not only to the recovering addict but the families as well as the taxpayers.


The subject of addiction and mental illness can be controversal.People do not like it and do not want to talk about it. It's considered taboo and these really do not matter. Getting the public on board will be no easy task.


The solution will not be easy. I would like to see more articles in news papers as well as maybe television commercials.

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People do not want to hear about addiction or mental health. If the public were to be properly informed, their opinions may change.There are legislation and law makers who think the program is a waste of time and money. However there is evidence out there to show otherwise. In fact the program has a 16% success rates and does save on thousands of taxpayer dollars on jail or prison stays.

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